Remodeling and Home Design

client testimonials

We had a Master Bedroom and Bath remodel including an extension. Merge-Point did everything from architect design/drawing through general contractor for the build. The project was on time and on budget. We had a wonderful experience. Everything turned out beautifully. Merge-Point is the most professional, knowledgeable, calm, dedicated builder we have ever worked with. We highly recommend!

Patrick & Kara B. - Lake Forest, IL 

​We were very pleased with our choice of Merge-Point for our kitchen remodel.  The entire project, from design to demolition to construction, was better than expected.  We truly appreciated Jonathan’s responsiveness to our questions and concerns throughout the project.  The project timelines were very realistic, so we did not experience delays or disappointments.   We love our new kitchen.  We highly recommend them and will use them again for future projects!

Robert & Michelle K. - Libertyville, IL

The Merge Point team truly provided excellent service while working with us to design and build our enclosed porch and deck. Jonathan Stuck listened to our design goals and clearly explained the build process. He and his team worked diligently and our project was completed on time, and just as importantly, on budget.  We are thrilled with our porch and deck, both in its aesthetic look and in the  quality of construction.  We would gladly recommend Merge Point Architects & Builders.

Frank & Amanda S. - Lake Bluff, IL

We couldn’t be happier with work done by Jonathan Stuck and would highly recommend him to anyone contemplating a home remodel project. He has tremendous communication skills and his attention to detail and exacting standards are consistent with our own. While he is patient with homeowners, he has high expectations of the sub-contractors involved and ensures projects are completed on a timely basis. We first met Jonathan during our 2007 home remodel. His firm did both the design and build of a rather extensive and disruptive project (relocating the first floor bath, relocating the laundry room, adding a second floor master bath, and a full kitchen remodel). It was also our first significant project as homeowners so we had a lot to learn. Jonathan took the time necessary to explain all aspects of the project in detail before it got under way. Throughout the project he addressed any questions or concerns in a timely manner. He was on site on a daily basis checking the sub-contractor's work and ensuring we were satisfied with the workmanship, solving unexpected issues that often occur in remodel projects, and providing updates on the project timeline. We were so pleased with the results of the first project that we decided to work with Jonathan again in 2010 for the remodel of our upstairs full bath and finishing of our basement. Once again, we were very pleased with the superior quality of the workmanship, Jonathan's attention to detail, and his ability to solve the unforeseen challenges that arise with any home remodeling project.

David & Cheryl W. – Libertyville, IL

We had the pleasure of working with Jonathan Stuck during our large home remodeling project of 2008.  While we know that it is easier for the contractors to do their dirty work if the resident family moves out of the house, for various reasons we chose to LIVE in our house and thereby experience every bit of the construction daily.  So we had new families of framers, electricians, plumbers and carpenters living with us for about 4 months.  Jonathan was the “director” of all of these other “families” and did a superb job of making sure that everyone was where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there.  Jonathan came by each and every morning without fail to check on the previous day’s progress and talk to the subcontractors about any recent developments.  We had only a few “surprises” during this process as original building issues were revealed but each was handled seamlessly by Jonathan.   All of the subcontractors hired by Jonathan were also lovely to work with.  While living in a house in various stages of demolition/construction it was very nice to be so comfortable with the crew(s) that were always in the house with us. Everyone, without exception, was kind and considerate while doing their job.  From the first day when the outside construction stairs were built for phase 1 to the day when the painters finally finished and our project was complete, the process was as easy as it could be. And we NEVER had a day when no one showed up! Each of the subcontractors at some point said to me “Jonathan is one of the good guys.  He’s about the best guy that we do work for”.  And people do the best job that they can for someone who treats them with respect, which Jonathan Stuck does.  I believe that calm nurtures calm and respect is given when deserved.  If we ever consider doing another addition or remodel of our home, we would definitely hire Jonathan Stuck and Merge-Point for the job!

John & Janine B. - Libertyville, IL

I've purchased and managed over 30 properties over the past two decades so I have intimate knowledge of and involvement with the architecture and building industries. As I had already hired another very well established architect prior to meeting Jon, I looked to Jon to renovate a home. Through his creative approach to leveraging design with construction costs, he value engineered the architect’s original design and saved me 86% off of the original design’s cost while achieving all the original functional needs along with an eye for the aesthetics! Since then I have been using him for both architecture and construction management exclusively. If you’re looking to have someone renovate or add on to your property, I highly recommend Jon and Merge-Point. What separates him from any other option is his unique ability to drive cost savings through creative design and practical execution.

​Jeff & Angela C. - Libertyville, IL