Due to our experience as both licensed architects and general contractors, Merge-Point Architects & Builders can customize our services to meet your specific project needs.  Merge-Point realizes that successful projects are the result of successful partnerships between the client, the designers and the contractors/craftsmen.  Whichever of the following project processes you choose,  Merge-Point will be there to be your advocate along the way.

DESIGN/BUILD SERVICES -  In this process, there is no discernible transition between the services of the architect and builder entities.  Merge-Point Architects & Builders provides both architectural design and construction services as a single source of responsibility.  This is a truly seamless project process and results in better coordination and implementation of the design intent and client's goals into the built product.  After all, who better to build the project than the team that has been involved in the evolution of the design since day one?  The answer is clear. 

ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES -  Merge-Point can provide architectural design and construction/permit drawings as a stand alone service.  The documents we prepare can then be sent out to other builders of your choosing for competitive bidding purposes.  During the bidding process, we can help you with the review of contractor bids for completeness and checking of builder references to verify the builder is qualified/capable to take on your project.  Additionally, we can provide construction administration services to verify that your builder is actually constructing the project per our design and quality intent as indicated in our drawings and specifications.

GENERAL CONTRACTING SERVICES - If you already have drawings prepared by another architect, Merge-Point can competitively bid your project against any other builders of your choosing.

Remodeling and Home Design